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Hi guys :) This is my first giveaway ever! So here it goes :

                - “Looking for Alaska” by John Green
                - “Paper Towns” by John Green
                - “The Pocket Daring Book For Girls”
                - A pair of earrings (Toxic)
                - Black Eyeliner from essence
                - Smokey Eyes Look quatrro eyeshadows form essence
                - Volume Boost Waterproof mascara from essences
                - Timewise luminous-wear liquid foundation (Ivory 7 tone) from Mary Kay
                - Liquid foundation brush from Mary Kay
                - Botanical Effects Cleanse from Mary Kay
                - Botanical Effects Hydrate from Mary Kay
                - T-Shirt from Joy Divison - Size S/M
                - T-Shirt from Ghost Town - Size S/M
                - T-Shirt from Bring Me The Horizon (Ouija Board) - Size S/M

- Must be following me and her (don’t unfollow during the giveaway otherwise you won’t count and we will check if you are following us both);
- Must reblog this post at least one time;
- Must like the post;

- Reblog this post 87697865 times (please don’t use Chrome extension);
- Follow her twitter & instagram;
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- Submit us both fansigns;
- Talk to us;

- Giveaway blogs are allowed ONLY IF you reblog  the post at least twice on your blog;

-The giveaway ends in the 23rd of June;


I just found your account and it's honestly amazing


OMG thank you so much <3333

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